Skjerp dere, dette er ikke akkurat gratulerer me da’n..
Get a grip, this is not exactly a Birthday Party

Mini DV – 25 min.
Participants: Torbjørn Morstøl & Per Hess
Music: Mombus & Bacillus Orchestra
Collaboration with visual artist Anne Lise Stenseth
Copyright © Anne Lise Stenseth & Leif Gaute Staurland 2005

Per and Torbjørn are “exploring” the multi cultural area Grønland in Oslo. Their journey starts at one of Grønlands many construction sites and goes further through different passages, shops and public places. We meet them outside the vacant Human rights building, in a textile shop and at the hairdresser. In a trivial and funny way they comment on their surroundings, but we never get to know who they really are and where they come from.

Skjerp dere


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Copyright © Leif Gaute Staurland 2021

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