Borders of Paradise – from shades of blue to black, white, pink or purple

Mini DV – 23 min.
Spoken language: English & Swedish. Subtitles: Norwegian or English.
Participants: Ian Brownbill, Laurence Westgaph, Cecilia Andersson, Richard Jones, Jamshed Alam, Cindy Downing, Charles Jones and more.
Music: Kuljit Bhamra & Shan Chana
Supported by: Liverpool Biennial Independents 06 & Metal, Liverpool
Collaboration with visual artist Anne Lise Stenseth
Copyright © Anne Lise Stenseth & Leif Gaute Staurland 2006

During our stay of research in Liverpool in the autumn of 2005 we were struck by the contrast between the areas of the city which are the centre of great visions and regeneration, and the areas that apparently are left to decay. We saw this in the development of The Paradise Project – a regeneration project covering 42 acres in the heart of the city – opposed to areas like Toxteth that have been suffering from poverty and urban degradation.

Borders of Paradise(Excerpts):

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Copyright © Leif Gaute Staurland 2021

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